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  • Using Python for hex, strings, bytes and integers

    I’ve taken an interest recently in cryptography, strings, signing strings and using prime numbers for cryptography. I had to keep searching online for the best way to do a transform of my data for:

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  • Common IDE Keyboard Shortcuts

    I’m working on an IDE framework called Tide for Vim and other editors, and thought that it would be useful to survey the ‘lay of the land’ in the space of keyboard shorcuts in existing IDEs.

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  • Gdb on MacOS

    GDB, or the GNU Debugger has been around for years. It was first written by Richard Stallman in 1986 and has a long heritage on Unix, Linux and other Operating Systems.

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  • Hugo for Beginners

    I wanted to put together some notes on how to set up a Github Pages blog using the Hugo static pages publishing application as when I went through this process myself, I found it less than intuitive.

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  • Creating a Fibonacci Generator in Assembly

    Contents Intro Following along at home A beginning Some starting knowledge Overview of the implementation Beginning the implementation Building binary files from assembly files The structure of a GAS assembly file Sections Comments Instructions and opcodes The application entry-point and labels Compiling our code Reading from the process arguments and converting to a numeric value Debugging with GDB Getting the length of our argument on the command line Making things easier to understand using function calls Converting a string to a number Some new functions Zeroing registers Register sizes and layout Processing the string The actual Fibonacci algorithm Creating the stack space for our array The Fibonacci logic in assembly Setting up our variables Array memory allocation Variable initialisation Indexed memory Running the loop to completion Calculating the sequence Printing our result Doing things the hard way Conclusion From here to there Intro Stemming from my interest in Assembly Language, I was in search of a practical example to start exploring this subterranean wilderland.

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  • First Post

    Welcome to my new blog site. This is just a placeholder until I have some content to post here. It won’t be long… :tick-tock: